Saturday, 14 September 2013

Why I Blog And Why You Should Too [Infographic]

After slightly more than 360 posts later, I thought it is time for me to have a review of this blog venture of mine and share some of my random recap. Thus, this post is not about movie, it is about blogging. I believed you folks don't mind this deviation as I hope to spice up this blog with a bit of difference spices! ;-)

I started this blog in late November 2011 (WOW! it's almost 2 years ago) and to be frank this is not my first  and only blog. I do have two other blogs which I started earlier on the same year (2011) and still maintaining them (even though less active as compared to this one). One of them is just my personal blog (Great Little Moments) and the other is on Internet Marketing (IM Foundation).

So, why do I blog? I guess I can conclude the answer as follows: I blog because....

1. I like to write
2. I like to create my own voice in the online community  
3. It's easy to kick-start/maintain a blog
4. It's free (or at the very most, low cost) to blog
5. It has potential to earn residual and passive income  
6. It's fun and still is.

Especially on the last point, as long as you've found your passion, the fun will just keep flowing in with your blog. So, if I can blog, so can you! Maybe it is time for you to consider starting a blog too, if you've not done so?

Still need some convincing? Maybe the following infographic on Blogging (courtesy of Blogskinny) can provide some enlightenment:

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