Monday, 16 September 2013

Weekly Box Office Movies in US (Ending 2013/09/15)

insidious chapter 2
Here are the TOP 5 Movies from US for the week ending 15th Sep 2013 (Sun).

James Wan (the Malaysia-born director that brought us The Conjuring and Insidious) did it once again in terrifying the US audience with his latest serving of Insidious Chapter 2 (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne). With a mere $5 millions budget, it gained immediate returns of 8 folds on its opening weekend with mouth watering $41 millions (WOW!). The sad news is, he is leaving the horror genre for good (I still hope this is not true) and his next project is Fast And Furious 7.    

The other new release, a comedy with huge casts, The Family (Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones) did quite well too at second spot with $14.5 millions. 

Now, enjoy the chart...


insidious chapter 2
1. Insidious Chapter 2 ($41 millions)
the family
2. The Family ($14.5 millions)
3. Riddick [IMAX] ($7.01 millions)
4. Lee Daniel's The Butler ($5.58 millions)
we're the millers
5. We're Millers ($5.42 millions)

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