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Thanks for dropping by my "Ultimate 3D Movies" blog. If you are into movies (especially 3D movies), I hope you will enjoy what I am going to share in this blog.

A movie buff myself, I watched lots of movies and trailers (both in theater and online), hence, I thought it' a great idea to collate/compile all the information/resources I obtained online and compile them here for sharing. I am sure you will be thrilled by the media sharing even before watching the movies.

As there are more and more movies being released in both 2D and 3D formats (especially from Hollywood), I hope this blog will provide a little something to help you make an informed decision as to whether to watch the movies in 3D format (which is pricier) or just the 2D format. In any case, I foresee that in the near future, the 3D format will be the new norm. Thus, stay tune and get ready to be 3D-ed!

I must say that this blog is still at it's infancy stage (as at Dec 2011), thus, more features/resources will be added along the way.


Richard Ng (Nov 2011)

Important Note:
1. I do accept placement of ads in my blog, thus, if you are interested to place your ads (banner or text link) in this blog (Pagerank PR1 as at Aug 2012), feel free to contact me at richard-ng@hotmail.com to discuss further.
2. Some of the posts in this blog are paid review posts!