Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Wolverine - My Original Infographic (Jul 2013)

the wolverine, movie in a pic infographicAfter created the beast size post on The Wolverine a week plus ago, I've decided to try my hand again (second time) to design an Infographic on the movie theme. This time round, I've picked The Wolverine as this is the most anticipated sequel at the moment. For my very first infographic on the movie theme, click Oz The Great And Powerful.
As per my very first one, I designed this infographic by using the Powerpoint Software. Also, I've decided to give it a title. After much thought, here comes my Infographic series - Movie In A Pic. What do you think about the name? As my Infographic venture is still in its infancy, any input/comment are welcome as I intended to make it as a regular feature in the future.
Before proceed further, I would like to ask you for a favour i.e. to leave me a note or two on your view (positive or negative) about this Infographic. Also, if you have any idea or movie that would like me to create as an Infographic, please feel free to leave the details in the comment section. Steady?
Now, hope you enjoy my second infographic which is hot from the oven.

the wolverine movie in a pic infographic
Movie In A Pic - The Wolverine
Looking forward to your comment!

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