Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Who's Who In Oz The Great And Powerful [Infographic]

Oz The Great And Powerful tops the US box office with a whopping US$80.2 Millions (and more than US$150 Millions globally) last week. With such a sterling box office sale, sequel is already in the talk.   
I am a Sam Raimi's fan (ever since his Spider-man trilogy) and thus is looking forward to watch the movie. I must admit that I have not seen the Oz The Great And Powerful yet (as can't get a good seating in the IMAX Theatre), but with such a huge response from the international market, I thought it is necessary for me to create an Infographic just for the movie as a tribute to its success. Hence, the born of today's post.
So, here you are, the first Infographic created by Ultimate 3D Movies blog and I simply called it "Who's Who In Oz The Great And Powerful". This being my first Infographic (created using MS PowerPoint 2007 in less than 2 hours), I must apologize for its under-par quality if you deemed it so. However, I enjoyed creating it, thus, it would be helpful if you can provide some feedback in the comment section.  
Now, enjoy the Infographic...


For more movie coverage of Oz The Great And Powerful, please click here.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to seek your input as to whether you folks like to see more of such sharing (i.e. Infographic) in the future? Your feedback is much appreciated and hope to hear from you folks soon.

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