Sunday, 21 July 2013

Comic-Con 2013 - The Hotly Released Teasers/Trailers/ Posters (Part 4)

comic con 2013
In this fourth part of the Comic-Con 2013 series, I will continue to share the newly released teasers,trailers or posters in connection with the event. In this post, the involved movies are:

1. The Hunger Games - Catching Fire (New Trailer)
2. Edge of Tomorrow (New Character Posters)
3. The Avengers - Age Of Ultron (New Teaser Poster)

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1. The Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Nov 2013):
The second installment of the popular Trilogy novel is picking up steam and following is the latest full-length trailer released in connection with the Comic-Con 2013:

2. Edge Of Tomorrow (Jun 2014):
The 2 new character posters:
edge of tomorrow emily blunt
Edge Of Tomorrow - Emily Blunt (as Rita Vrataski)
edge of tomorrow tom cruise
Edge Of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise (as Lt. Col. Bill Cage)
3. The Avengers - Age Of Ultron (May 2015):
Finally, Joss Whedon announced in the Comic-Con 2013 that the second serving of the superhero extravaganza is named Age Of Ultron and it is slated for May 2015 release.

Following is the teaser poster:
the avengers age of ultron


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