Sunday, 30 September 2012

Marvel vs DC Superheroes Movies, who win in US Box Office? [Infographic]

Alright, we all know that superhero movies are mainly come from two super-houses, Marvel and DC. If we were to take a stock (basing on the US Box Office) from way back to 1960s where the superheroes first made it mainstream in the cinema, who will win the battle?

In 2012 alone, the biggest battle is between The Avengers (Marvel) and The Dark Knight Rises (DC). The Avengers won the match by about $174 mil (see the infographic below for actual figures). How does other superhero movies like Superman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man etc... fair? Check out the infographic below (source: for detailed breakdowns. Yes, it is no surprise that Marvel comes out as the overall winner, at least for now.

As this is only the US Box Office, it will be interesting if someone can do a stock take on the international box office, wonder whether the result will be of any different? Meanwhile, enjoy the infographic below!

Which is/are your favourite Superhero movies? For me, my favourite is the latest Batman Trilogy (under the helm of Christopher Nolan).


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