Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Guest Review : Dredd 3D

The guest review is back, or should I said, Ben is back! ;-) 

Yes, today he is going to review Dredd 3D, the reboot of 1995 Sci-fi, Judge Dredd (by Sylvester Stallone). For more movie details (trailers, movie posters and stills), check out my earlier post: Dredd 3D (Sep 2012)

Here you go, Ben's review (Spoiler alert!):

The Character of Dredd was from a comic book, a superhero that's not afraid to use violence, sort of like the Marvel's Punisher but with badges. The concept of police, jury, judge and executioner rolled into one spelled major ethics issue, and in any good director, it would be a major plot point.

Not in this one... this movie is what you called average Summer action flicks, action over everything else. Character developments and substances took a back side while waves and waves of action filled the whole screen.

If you had watched Asian movies, the setup of this movie had a uncanny familiarity to a recent Indonesian movie "The Raid: Redemption" both talked about law enforcers trying to fight their way through a crime lord controlled building. While Dredd had much better budget and effects, The Raid won hands down in excitement and plot lines. 

In Dredd, Karl Urban was always in his helmet, making it a difficult character to emote and develop. Overall Dredd fulfilled the action film very well, just there never was a time you feared for the character. It was almost like Dredd is walking from one action stage to another. The effects were well done especially scenes involved slo-mo actions, it was rather bloody as well so not suitable for the faint hearted. There were parts that I wished the director do a different approach but nonetheless Dredd was an enjoyable roller coaster, the thrills and fills were all delivered proficiently.

Have you watched Dredd 3D and how you find it? Feel free to share your review in the comment section.


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