Saturday, 8 September 2012

Guest Review : The Expendables 2 (non-3D)

Granted, "The Expendables 2" has been in the cinema for a few weeks now, but it is never too late to share the movie review, especially when it's from a movie fan like my friend, Ben. 

In this sequel, Sylvester Stallone regrouped all the previous matured silver gangs and add-on a few new faces like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme to create more punch (literally). Following it's earlier installment's success formula, there will be lots of hard fighting sequence, gun powers and one or two aeroplane to crash!

As usual, prior to the movie review, check out the movie trailer here:

Ben's Review on "The Expendables 2":

Watching The Expendables 2 is like a trip down nostalgia lane, decades ago, any one of the action stars commanded his own movie, now they had to gang up and do forgettable cameo on a mass orgy film, the ruthless of time....:P

Other than the incredible effect of Botox (look at Stallone in the beginning of the trailer, clear case of age-defying surgery) this film employed EVERY SINGLE action movies clichés you can find. From the moment one expressed his desire to quit to marry his gf, you know he would be killed, to the villain's lackeys could offload thousands of bullets, yet never managed to scratch the heroes while the heroes' could do one shot one kill. 

In short its EVERYTHING you like about 80s action movies :P

Jet Li was just a cameo in the movie, replaced by another annoying Chinese actress who acted more like cheap bar hooker than a specialist. Every single scene involving Chuck Norris would invoke hysterical laughter from the audiences, luckily he seemed to be enjoying this.

And that's the good part of this movie, no one take it seriously, old movies tags like "I'll be back" and Rambo were thrown in for the good fun. Now they just need to throw in Jackie Chan in Expendables 3 and the whole 80s action movie actors will be completed! 


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