Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life Of Pi - The Latest Trailer

life of pi, movie
"Life Of Pi", the upcoming book adaptation of the same title has been gaining rave review from its first trailer with spectacular graphics and special effects. Directed by Ang Lee (the one that brought us the famous "Crouching Tiger And Hidden Dragon") with with mostly unfamiliar casts, it is still one of the highly anticipated movie this year. It will be released in US on 21 Nov 2012.

The latest trailer is hot from oven and provide more explanation as to why there are so many animals (e.g. the zebra and tiger) inside the cruise that met with disastrous weather/ending.

This is another movie poster from Life Of Pi:
life of pi, lee ang

Now, enjoy the latest trailer:

How do you find this latest trailer? Do feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section. I will cover more movie resources of "Life Of Pi" in the near future, so, stay tuned!


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