Sunday, 29 April 2012

First Issue Of "Upcoming 3D Movies" Is Ready For FREE download

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As a movie buff, besides watching movies, I also like to share with friends and colleagues on which movies are worth watching and which movies are "akan datang" (Malay for "coming soon"). That's the main reason I created this movie blog. For the past few days, I have been brewing something that I had planned for quite sometime: an eGuide for upcoming 3D movies (mainly from Hollywood). 

I am pleased to announce that the brainchild has since been materialised and my first issue of "Upcoming 3D Movies" guide (or color booklet, if you like) is finally LAUNCHED. You can now download it FREE from the following link:

You may ask why only until Jul 2012? One key reason being that big budget movie's (especially 3D movies) screening schedule is subjected to frequent changes and most of the multi-media resources  like posters, official site etc... are available only closer to the release dates. Hence, I thought it is good to cut it into a smaller chunk of resources for easier digestion (or enjoyment)!  
Just to share a little bit more on how I decided on the design of this eGuide. Following are the 3 key factors that I adopted when designing this eGuide:

1. The content must be easy to read and pleasing to the eyes (hence, more photos/pictures/posters and less words);
2. Able to hyperlink to the latest online resources (this is to ensure that users can access more up-to-date information/resources directly fro the eGuide)
3. Users can share it freely online and thus I've made it into PDF version and load it into Dropbox for FREE download (you are free to share the Dropbox link to anyone else).   

This being my first eBook (or eGuide), there are plenty of rooms for improvement. Thus, I would hope to receive some comments/feedback so that I can do it better in the next release. As at now, I am planning to release the next guide (for month Aug 2012 to Oct 2012) in the month of May/Jun 2012. So, stay tune!

Last but not least, to avoid missing out on the next issues of FREE upcoming 3D movies eGuide, you may consider subscribing to my email subscription (can be found at the right panel) so that you can receive the link to download in your mailbox as and when it is launched.


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