Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Weekly Box Office Movies in US, Singapore and Malaysia (#6-20120429) Plus Latest trailer from The Darknight Rises

Here are the TOP 5 Movies for the week ending 29th Apr 2012 (Sun)

SPECIAL NOTE: This week, "Battleship" holding strong in Singapore and Malaysia's Box Office. With the early release of Marvel's The Avengers in Malaysia, without a doubt, it tops the box office there. As The Avengers will be releasing internationally (including US) this week, I am sure it will top the box offices internationally. One thing worth noticing is that "Think Like A Man" remains top position in US box office amid a few new releases this week like "The Pirates! Band Of Misfit", "The Five Years Engagement", "Safe" and "The Raven".

1. The number next to the poster denotes their Box Office Position
2. Those number with * denotes 3D Movies.

US Movies box office

Singapore Movies box office

Malaysia Movies box office

For more details of the movies, check out the links below:
1. Think Like A Man 
2. The Hunger Games
3. Titanic [3D] 
4. Battleship

5. The Cabin In The Woods
6. The Lucky One
7. Lockout 
8 The Pirates! Band Of Misfits [3D] (New)

9. The Five Years Engagement (New) 
10. Marvel's The Avengers [3D] (New) 
11. Berani Punya Budak [Malay] (New)
12. Twisted Love [Chinese] (New)

Last but not least, here come the master of all trailer from The Dark night Rises (sizzling hot from oven):


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