Tuesday, 17 April 2012

5 Recommendations To Curb Your Hunger For “The Avengers”

the avengers
For the past few days/weeks or so, I believed most of you would have been “hit” by the massive marketing campaign (one way or the other) of the forthcoming mammoth blockbuster super hero movie “The Avengers”. There is simply no escape.

With the seemingly bottomless marketing budget, I think the “attack” will continue until the official international release, which is scheduled to be on 1st May 2012, the international Labour Day in many countries. To some, the wait is torturous. To curb your hunger for the Avengers, following are my 5 recommendation:

1. Read (or re-read) my blog posts (The Avengers - Special Character Posters and The Avengers (May 2012) ) on the multi-media sharing of the movie and get yourself familiarise with the characters involved (self promotion here! ;-))

2. Avengerised your gadgets by installing the Wall Papers, the Buddy Icon and Marvel Apps to your PC/Mac/Smartphones/Tablets. Follow the movie’s official site for the necessary download.

3. Join/Follow the Official Marvel Fan Pages to get regular updates of the latest multimedia sharing. Check out their Facebook fan page here:
a. The official Facebook Fan Page
b. The Avengers Facebook Fan Page for Singapore

4. To watch (or re-watch) the earlier related blockbuster movies whereby the heroes showcasing their power in their respective movies (click on the images to view more details):
a. The Thor:
b. Ironman 1:
iron man
c. Ironman 2:
iron man 2
d. Captain America:
captain america
e. Hulk 1:
the hulk
f. The Incredible Hulk 2:
the incredible hulk

5. Read the related movie tie-in/storybooks/artworks etc.:
the avengers
the avengers
the avengers

Hope that the above resources are sufficient to get you through these 2 weeks period before you can step into the theatre for the marvellous movie experience (either in 2D, 3D, IMAX or IMAX 3D).


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