Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Man Of Steel 2 - Would Wes Bently Be The Next Batman?

wes bently as next batmanWith the success of Man Of Steel, in local (US) and international box offices, a sequel is inevitable. Man Of Steel 2 is already a confirmed project and it is slated to be released in 2015. Zack Snyder will continue to helm the directorship (David S. Goyer continues to write for the sequel too). I enjoyed Man Of Steel and looking forward to the sequel.
As the director briefly disclosed previously that the sequel will be a "face-off" between Superman and Batman. We all know that Henry Cavill will reprise the role of Superman, so who will be the batman? (since Christian Bale has previously announced that he has played enough of Caped Crusader and would not be the batman anymore).
Recently, rumour has resurfaced again (from the mouth of producer Christopher Nolan himself) about the potential next batman. Accordingly to CosmicBookNews, Christopher Nolan has strongly recommend Wes Bently as the next Batman (Bently is currently working with Christopher in a sci-fi and time travel movie project called Intersteller).  

Bently was last seen in The Hunger Games (2012) as Seneca Crane. He is handsome, has sharp eyes and black hair which is quite fit the appearance of a typical Batman. In fact, I don't mind him being the next Batman. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet but I do hope for a new Batman.

wes bently as next batman, superman vs batman
Wes Bently as next Batman?
The Hunger Games featuring Wes Bently
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