Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pacific Rim - Latest Character Posters (Jul 2013)

pacific rim
Being a sci-fi fan, one of my personal most anticipated movie is non other than Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. One specific reason is it is not a sequel or prequel ie a brand new story with giant monsters and giant robots. A bit like Transformers but with a fresh touch. 

Warner Bros has released quite a few mouth watering giant robots posters (click here to see the details) and visually awesome trailer(s) since a few weeks ago. Recently, they have released yet another marketing campaign that allow user to create their own Jaeger (aka the giant robot) poster (poster on the left is an example of the poster created via this app). If you find it interesting, click here to find out more of the app.

Also, two more character posters have been released just awhile ago. So, enjoy the app and the character posters below..

pacific rim
Pacific Rim - Kaiju Crush (New Zealand)
pacific rim
Pacific Rim - Mako Miro, Jaeger Pilot (by Rinko Kikuchi)
pacific rim
Pacific Rim - PPDC Marshal Stacker Pentecost (by Idris Elba)

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