Sunday, 19 May 2013

Man Of Steel - Behind The Scenes And New Movie Banners

Man Of Steel
One of my favourite superhero in my younger years is Superman (followed by Spiderman and Batman). The reason is quite obvious, he can fly, he can see through object with his laser eye, he has super strength that can stop a speeding train and most importantly, he is very down to earth alien (when he is Clark Kent).

The reason why I brought-up the superman is because the latest reboot, Man Of Steel is just around the corner (June 2013) and I have high hope for this new franchise of the "old" superhero. The main reason being it is produced by Christopher Nolan (whom last brought us the Batman Trilogy which is super awesome).

Recently, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released two new character banners for Man of Steel. One featuring Superman the other featuring Zod. Also, there is a "Behind The Scenes" clip to let the fans have a peep on how they re-imagining the superman in this reboot (but not too much though).

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Now, enjoy the movie banners and featurrete below.

Man Of Steel - Banner 1
Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel - Banner 2
Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel - Behind The Scene:

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