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Iceman Cometh 3D [冰封侠3D] - Latest Movie Poster

iceman cometh 3d
If you are a martial art (or Kungfu) movie fans and do Hong Kong martial art movies for a while, you will sure to know who is Yuen Biao (元彪), he is a famous Kungfu Hong Kong actor with similar rank/status as Jackie Chan (成龙) and Samuel Hong (洪金宝) in the 80s. 

The reason why I talked about Yuan Biao is because one of his most famous martial art movie is The Iceman Cometh 急凍奇俠 (1989). This year, the remake (Iceman Cometh 3D - 冰封侠3D) will be released in 3D, starring the most popular martial art actor of the present time, Donnie Yen (甄子丹). The exact release date has not been announced but the film distributor (China 3D Group) has just release the official movie poster recently. Thus, it looks like it is coming real soon.

Brief synopsis of Iceman Cometh 3D (source: wikipedia):

The Iceman Cometh 3D revolves around a Captain America-like character portrayed by Donnie Yen. The heroic role and his evil foe (Wang Baoqiang) lived during the Ming Dynasty. Both were frozen during a fight and were defrost in modern day Hong Kong where they continue their battle.

The latest Movie Poster:
iceman cometh 3d

The Earlier Movie Poster:
iceman cometh 3d

The Movie Poster Of Iceman Cometh (1989):
iceman cometh

If you are interested to check out this 1989 edition, click here to watch it in Youtube (In Cantonese with English Subtitles)

The latest movie poster looks average to me but with Donnie Yen, epic fight scenes are expected and hope that this time round the 3D effect did not disappoint me like in the past few Chinese movies released in 3D. So, stay tune for the reborn of the hero in 2013!


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