Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp - The Cartoon Style Evolution

Whether you are a movie fan or not, I am pretty sure you know who is Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp. At the minimum, you must have heard of their names, somewhere, somehow. They are the A-list Hollywood Stars that have made some incredible blockbuster movies.

As a tribute to the actors, artist Jeff Victor has drawn two great cartoon evolution of ten characters that Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp has played over the years. 

To test your movie-intelligence, can you identify the movie titles and the characters they are playing in each movie? Try to figure it out yourself first before scrolling down for the answers.

No peeping! ;-)


Cartoon Style Evolution of Tom Hanks:
tom hanks

Cartoon Style Evolution of Johnny Depp:
johnny depp

Don't you think these cartoons are awesome? Fee free to share your view in the comment section. 


P/S: The Answers:

Tom Hanks:

1984 : Splash (as Allen Bauer)
1988 : Big (as Josh Baskin)
1989 : The 'Burbs (as Ray Peterson)
1994 : Forrest Gump (as Forrest Gump)
1995 (I) : Apollo 13 (as Jim Lovell)
1995 (II) : Toy Story (as Woody [voice])
1998 : Saving Private Ryan (as Captain Miller)
2000 : Cast Away (as Chuck Noland)
2006 : The Da Vinci Code (as Robert Langdon) 

Johnny Depp:

1984 : A Nightmare On Elm Street (as Glen Lantz)
1990 : Edward Scissorhands (as Edword Scissorhands)
1994 : Ed Wood (as Ed Wood)
1998 : Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (as Raoul Duke)
1999 : Sleepy Hollow (as Ichabod Crane)
2003 : Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Curse Of The Black Pearl (as Captain Sparrow)
2005 : Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (as Willy Wonka)
2007 : Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (as Sweeney Todd)
2010 : Alice In Wonderland (as Mad Hatter)
2012 : Dark Shadows (as Barnabas Collins) 

How many have you got it right yourself? ;-)

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