Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Amazing Spider-man (3D) 4 minutes Super Trailer

The distributor of Spiderman 4 (also known as "The Amazing Spider-man") has just released a 4-minutes super trailer which show some stunning special effect and the villain (The Lizard/Dr Curt Connors) in action. It will be released in US on 3rd July 2012 and hope it live-up to its hype. It's never easy to be a sequel but with all the fresh leads and new director, hope to see new chemistry and brighter sparks among them. 

By the way, in case you are still clueless, Andrew Garfield (one of the lead actor in "The Social Network(2010)") will be assuming the role of Spiderman. Meanwhile, enjoy the compilation of the trailer(s) below:

the amazing spiderman poster, 3d movie
1.  The NEW 4-minutes SUPER trailer:

2. Earlier official trailers:


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