Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Hobbit - The Desolution Of Smaug : First Trailer Is Finally here!

the hobbit - the desolution of smaugFinally, the much anticipated trailer for the second instalment of The Hobbit Trilogy, The Desolution Of Smaug is HERE! Warner Bros has released the first trailer a couple of hours ago and my first impression is : WOW!
The trailer is amazing and more action packed as compared to the first instalment, The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (2012). The Desolution Of Smaug will be in theatres near you on 13th December 2013. In case you don't know, Smaug is actually one of the last remaining dragons in Middle-Earth.
Short synopsis of the movie (source:
The Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf have successfully escaped the Misty Mountains, and Bilbo has gained the One Ring. They all continue their journey to get their gold back from the Dragon, Smaug.
Now, enjoy the trailer:

the hobbit - the desolution of smaug
First Poster : The Hobbit - The Desolution Of Smaug

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