Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Box Office Movies in US (Ending 2013/03/10)

Here are the TOP 5 Movies from US for the week ending 10th March 2013 (Sun).

SPECIAL NOTE : As expected, Sam Raimi's prequel to Wizard Of Oz, Oz The Great And Powerful (James Franco, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz) took the box office by storm last week and effortlessly claimed the top spot with a whopping 80.3 millions.

Globally, it has already grossed $150 millions. In terms of ticket sale, it is already the best movie so far. Basing on the promising movie critics and words of mouth, it seems to be able to maintain quite well in the coming week(s).   

The other new release, Dead Man Down (Action thriller by Colin Farrell and Noomi Repace) opened meagrely at fourth place.  


oz the great and powerful
1. Oz The Great And Poweful [IMAX 3D - New] [$80.3 millions]
jack the giant slayer
2. Jack The Giant Slayer [3D] [$10 millions]
identity thief
3. Identify Thief [$6.32 millions]
dead man down
4. Dead Man Down [New] [$5.35 millions]
5. Snitch [$5.1 millions]

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