Monday, 4 February 2013

5 Movie Trailers/Teasers From Super Bowl Game Day

super bowl 2013 movie trailers
Super Bowl Game has just ended and most of the fans would have witness the amazing trailers/teasers extravagance being released hot and fresh during the game.

For whatever reason, if you have missed it, fret not, I've compiled all the Super Bowl Game Day movie trailers/teasers here for your consumption, at your own free time. I must say that all of them looks cool and worth a few minutes of your time.

We've got Oz The Great And Powerful, Iron Man 3, Fast And Furious 6, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Lone Ranger.

By the way, most of them will be released in 3D format as well.


1. Oz The Great And Powerful - Mar 2013:

oz the great and powerful
Oz The Great And Powerful
2. Iron Man 3 (Extended Big Game Look Trailer) - May 2013:

iron man 3
Iron Man 3
3. Star Trek Into Darkness (TV Spot) - May 2013:

star trek into darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness
4. Fast And Furious 6 - May 2013:

fast and furious 6
Fast And Furious 6
5. The Lone Ranger - Aug 2013:

the lone ranger
The Lone Ranger

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