Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Awesome Superhero Poster Art in Noir Style

superhero noir
Alert! Alert! 

To all superhero fans! Drop what you are doing now and pay attention here as what I going to share with you next is a super awesome poster art created especially for superhero fans like you. 

These poster arts are created by artist Marco Manev. There are 10 posters altogether, so, most of the popular superhero that you can name it, he will have it. Just to name a few, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Iron Man etc....

So far, these are the most awesome fan made superhero poster art series that I've ever seen. They all looks so classic al and consistently noir (dark) in style!

Enjoy and let me know which is your favourite? For me, Superman is my favourite!

super hero noir, captain america
captain America
super hero noir, batman
super hero noir, hulk
super hero noir, ironman
super hero noir, spiderman
super hero noir, silver surfer
Silver Surfer
super hero noir, superman
super hero noir, dr manhattan
Dr Manhattan (Watchman)
super hero noir, thor
super hero noir, wolverine

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