Sunday, 20 January 2013

5 Of My Recent Collection of Inspirational Quotes

Yet another early morning (1.21am to be exact), restless mind with lots of stuff (currently still residing inside my head) can't wait to be released into the blog. So, you will see me more often in 2013! ;-) 

First thing first, since this personal  blog is focusing more on the inspirational stuff, I would like to share 5 of my recent collection of inspirational quotes (not mine). If you follow my blog regularly, you will notice that my previous quotes sharing are mostly text base, I am making a change in 2013 to share them in a more graphical format. 


"Each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves"
By Ralph Lauren
In or order to OWN it, you need to change many UNKOWN to KNOWN!
By me (Original)

"Happiness is only real when shared"
From Into The Wild
"To force forward instead of being stagnant" (translated)
From The Grandmasters
"They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom"
From Braveheart
Note: The last three quotes are extracted from movies, if you are interested to see more such movie quotes, please like our new Facebook Fan Page here. It's called Best Movie Quotes

Hope you folks can relate to the above mentioned quotes. Before I sign-off, I would like to ask a favour from you folks i.e. to provide me with your feedback on how you find these poster quotes? Feel free to share your view in the comment section.


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