Friday, 5 October 2012

Your Ultimate 007 (James Bond) Guide [Slide]

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Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie is on its way to the cinema near you.  To be exact, it will be premiered in London on 23rd Oct 2012 and released internationally from late Oct 2012 onward. 

Being one of the most successful movie franchise and long standing history way back to 1962 (yes, we are talking about 50 years history here), it is definitely worthwhile to recap the transformation of this movie franchise.

Thus, I've spent 3 hours last night to compile a guide for the 007 fans (hope you are one of them). Questions like: how many actors have assumed the role of 007? Who have acted in which 007 installments? How are each installments fair in the box offices etc... will be answered in this elegant guide, I called it "Your Ultimate 007 Guide".

I've embedded the guide below for your easier viewing. However, depending on your browser, this embedded version might not be displayed with an optimal visual, click on the link underneath to visit the slideshare site for the original version:

Are you a 007 fan? What do you think of this guide? Feel free to leave your comment below.


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