Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pokemon : The Marvellous And Realistic Version

Warning : This post has nothing to do with forthcoming 3D or IMAX movie but I just have to share it because of its AWESOMENESS!

Pokemon, the popular video game (Nintendo) turned anime, manga, trading cards and movies franchise has been around since 1996. I am not a fan of Pokemon but I believed one of its success factor is because of many of its cute and adorable creatures/monsters.

Have you ever thought of what will all these cute and adorable creatures looks like in real life? Or as close as real life? 

Ok, to save you some time in imagining, I am going to share the awesome art pieces creation from DeviantARTist arvalis. These pictures look super realistic! If all the cute and adorable creatures of Pokemon looks like this, I think I might be a fan of Pokemon!


pokemon, bulbasaur
1. Bulbasaur (the realistic version)
Bulbasaur (the anime version)
pokemon, Blastoise
2. Blastoise (the realistic version)
Blastoise (the anime version)
pokemon, Charizard
3. Charizard (the realistic version)
Charizard (the anime version)
pokemon, dragonite
4. Dragonite (the realistic version)
Dragonite (the anime version)
pokemon, druddigon
5. Druddigon (the realistic version)
Druddigon (the anime version)

pokemon, garchomp
6. Garchomp (the realistic version)
pokemon, garchomp
Garchomp (the anime version)
pokemon, nidoking
7. Nidoking (the realistic version)
pokemon, nidoking
Nidoking (the anime version)
pokemon, reshiram
8. Reshiram (the realistic version)
pokemon, reshiram
Reshiram (the anime version)
9. Scyther (the realistic version)
pokemon, scyther
Scyther (the anime version)
pokemon, tyranitar
10. Tyranitar (the realistic version)
pokemon, tyranitar
Tyranitar (the anime version)
pokemon, zoroark
11. Zoroark (the realistic version)
pokemon, zoroark
Zoroark (the anime version)
How do you like them? Feel free to share your view in the comment section.


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