Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sneak Peep: Resident Evil - Retribution (Fall 2012)

If you are video gamers and like sci-fi movies, I believed you would know Resident Evil! It's a video-game to movie convert and it's at it's fifth installment now. The latest of the movie series is entitled : Resident Evil - Retribution. It is expected to be released in IMAX 3D in Sep 2012.

HOT from oven!

The film distributor has recently released it's first official teaser trailer. I am attaching below for your viewing pleasure. One positive news is that Michelle Rodgriguez is back in this latest installment, I personally quite like her acting and fighting.

I will be sharing more details of this movie at the later date (when more medias are made available). Meanwhile, if you are interested to see more details of the previous installment, please check out the following (click on the images to view more details):

1. First Installment: Resident Evil (2002)

2. Second Installment: Resident Evil - Apocalypse (2004)

3. Third Installment: Resident Evil - Extinction (2007)

4. Forth Installment: Resident Evil - Afterlife (2010)


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