Friday, 20 January 2012

The Monkey King (2012)

"Journey To The West" is the most famous Chinese Mythology around. It has spawn into many successful TV series and movies (mainly from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). Monkey King is the main character of this mythology. Today, I am going to share some of the photos highlight and video clip from the forthcoming blockbuster remake: The Monkey King (3D).

Besides the Hollywood standard of visual and special effects, the other major attraction of this movie is it's casts. Most of them are A-list actors/actresses. To name just a few: Chow Yun Fatt (playing the Jade Emporer), Donnie Yen (playing the title role, Monkey King), Aaron Kwok (playing Bull Demon King), Kelly Chen (playing Guan Yin) etc...

The release date has not been announced but it has created quite a buzz in last year's press conference. It is one of the most anticipated Chinese 3D Movie EVER!

Director:  Cheang Pou Soi
Writers: Edmond Wong
Stars: Chow Yun Fatt, Donnie Yen, Aaron Kwok, Peter Ho, Kelly Chen, Cecilia Cheung 
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Synopsis: The young, hotheaded Monkey King, who aspires to become an immortal, is duped by his newly acquainted friend Bull Demon King into wreaking havoc on the Heaven Palace, forcing the Jade Emperor to retaliate.  

Official Teaser #1:

#1: The Internet Movie Database Link: The Monkey King

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  1. Make sure you see this film in an authentic IMAX theater, and not a DMR "lie-MAX" theater.