Monday, 14 July 2014

Guest Reivew - Transformers : Age Of Extinction

Transformers Age Of Extinction
Finally, World Cup 2014 is over, I can concentrate on the movies now ;-) Oh, in case you don't know, Germany is the winner of World Cup 2014.
Now, let's get back to "business", after a long gap, my friend, Ben is back for a "vengeance". He has sent me his latest review on the much-hyped sequel - Transformers : Age Of Extinction. I know, it is kind of late but "late is better than never" right? Note : His last guest review is on 300 Rise Of An Empire.
Without further ado, check out his review below: 
Watching a Michael Bay’s film is like watching hard core porn. The badly scripted, poorly developed, mediocre acted and illogical sense all worked towards one thing – the action. To Michael Bay’s credit, he did action very well, the effects and shots were nicely choreographed, that allowed him to helm 4 live-action sequels of this popular 80s cartoon that’s designed to sell toys.
Plot wise, instead of the stuttering Shia Labeouf, we have hunky Mark Wahlberg playing a supposedly nerd inventor, but looked more like an underwear model. He found already dead Optimus Prime, and you know what? Fuck it! No one cares about plot in Transformer movies, we only wanted big robots frolicking one another and cum with big explosion.
You have to see this movie with all logic and common sense throw out of the window, simply enjoyed the cinematic roller-coaster, because that’s exactly what this film is about: all action and no sense. None of the characters had any motivations, and it was one action scene moving to another.
However there were 2 cringe worthy part in this movie. One was when the boyfriend took out the lamented portion of the Texas state weird Romeo and Juliet law. Come on, no one will find this remotely funny, and any father would definitely ban this pervert from coming close to his daughter. Another part was what used to be righteous Autobot started behaving like Decepticon, they were constantly fighting among themselves (one even had his sword on the throat of his teammates) while Optimus was determined to kill the human responsible for Autobot’s plight. WTF?
If you are fan of the 80s Dinobots, you would be “pleased” to know that those not-so-intelligent but fiercely loyal brutes were nothing but cameos pony rides in this movie. And if Optimus could fly (even to space) one would have think he could have use this ability in many of the situations, but hey, it was never about making sense.
Other than giant robots, Michael is also well known for his dirty old man perversion and racial stereotype. The first was evident at the shorter by the minute hot pants and the anti-statutory rape, while the latter was showcased as all Chinese knows Kung Fu, even the random man in the lift.
Much as I hated to say it, watch this in IMAX, as Transformers: Age of Extinction is the first feature film to shoot with a brand new, digital IMAX 3D camera, instead of doing post-production 3D conversion. Being a long 165 minutes long film, the effects were well worth the IMAX ticket pricing.

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