Friday, 7 March 2014

300 Rise Of An Empire : Early Guest Review

300 rise of an empireMy trustworthy guest reviewer - Ben is in it again! This time round, he is reviewing the Spartan-ful sequel, 300 - Rise Of An Empire.  

Without further ado, check out his review below:

“Should 300 have a sequel?” that’s the question that came to my mind before watching “300: Rise of an Empire”. The reason is 300 was a ground-breaking movie in the usage of CGI and lighting effects. The deployment of the sl-mo action sequences became the benchmark and copied by many movies subsequently.

After watching “300: Rise of an Empire” my conclusion is depending on how much you like “300” as “300: Rise of an Empire” is the EXACT REPLICA of “300”
- Clashes of 2 leaders
- The “good” guys were significantly out-numbered and yet managed to hold their vault
- Usage of battle tactics
- Father-n-son tag team into the war and you know one will die in the arms of the other
- A meeting between the 2 leaders in an erotic settings
- Plenty of hunky men in their underwear
- Naked boobs galore

With exactly the same action sequences filled with slo-mo movement and gore, it was easy to have a sense of deja-vu.

“300: Rise of an Empire” acted as a prequel, sideliner story and sequel to “300”. It started with the raise of Xerxes from mortal turning into God King, before he led his Persian army invading Greek. The main part of the movie was the telling of Greek general Themistokles engaging sea battles against Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy, while Xerxes was battling King Leonidas and his force of 300 men elsewhere. Ending with the finale battle after Xerxes eradicated the 300 Spartans.

Technically, “300: Rise of an Empire” was a beauty to watch, everything you loved about the original “300” were reproduced with better effects and sequences. To justify the 3D ticket pricing, there were non-stop scenes of blood splatting all over with head and limps flying towards the screen. Personally, the excessive use of such tactic led to my visual fatigue, I found myself yawning at battle after battle of the same setting and not caring who survived.

Director Noam Murro seemed to feel that no audiences came into a 300 movie and expecting plot and character development, hence both were kept to bare minimum. Dialogues were at best decent and many times felt into corny stage. For example “Did you come here to stroke your cock while watching real men train?” and “You fought better than you fuck” were actual word by word dialogues. I even laughed out when the “final weapon” was revealed, that had to be dumbest idea.

Overall “300: Rise of an Empire” was an entertaining repeat of the original movie, with better effects, sequences and enough blood on the screen. If you were a “300” fan, then this should fully satisfy you.

Have you watched the movie? What is your review?


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