Sunday, 14 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness - New Movie Poster and Cinemosaic Poster

star trek into darkness
Recently if you are reading any movie or entertainment news (online or offline), I am sure you will chance upon the two upcoming sequels, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Both movies will be released in May 2013 and in IMAX 3D as well.

A lot has been shared on Iron Man 3, today, I am going to share two new posters from Star Trek Into Darkness, one is the usual movie poster and the other is a new concept of poster called cinemosaic poster. 

Besides checking out the posters below, you can also check out more movie details of Star Trek Into Darkness here.


1. The latest movie poster:
star trek into darkness

2. The cinemosaic poster:
I personally like the new concept of cinemosaic poster and believed it can provide greater viewing experience as compare to the static movie poster. What do you think?


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