Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hotel Transylvania - 7 New Character Posters

Hotel Transylvania, the upcoming 3D animation from Sony Pictures to be released in Sep 2012 (in USA and selected countries) has just bombarded the fans with 7 new character posters. It is a family oriented movie with Dracula/monsters theme.

The casts (voice actors) include Adam Sandler (as Dracula), Selena Gomez (as Mavis, daughter of Dracula), Kevin James (as Frankenstein) and many more.

Oh, before the posters, maybe you would like to check out the movie trailer first (I like the ending part of the trailer whereby a mere contact lens removal act is deemed as THE most disgusting thing in the world, as far as Dracula is concerned) :

Now, enjoy the posters below:
hotel transylvania, adam sandler

hotel transylvania, andy samberg

hotel transylvania, selena gomez

hotel transylvania, fran drescher

hotel transylvania, steve buscemi

hotel transylvania, kevin james

hotel transylvania, david spade

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