Monday, 9 July 2012

Guest Review : The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spiderman has taken the US box office by storm with the accumulated sale of US$140 mil (from Tuesdays [3th Jul] through the weekend). Similar phenomena happens in the international markets for this well-liked web-slinging super-hero blockbuster. The director, Marc Webb has confirmed recently that this will be the first of a Trilogy! Spiderman fans will be happy be that news.

Still need some clue/review before watching the movie? Check out the following well written Guest Review from my facebook friend, Ben

WARNING: Spoiler ahead!

"Perhaps the #1 question everyone asks when watching this will be “it is worth a reboot?” Considering Sam Raimi's version was just a decade ago plus the trilogy enjoyed certain success, made one wondered was it a good decision to reboot instead of continuing with Spider-Man 4. (why? Tobey Maguire getting too expensive?)

I have mixed feeling when watching this, overall it delivered a decent super-hero’s movie, not as bad as Green Lantern, neither had it reached the Dark Knight level. On the good part, touching on Peter Parker’s parents disappearance added in new depth of the back story, plus I loved the promise that Peter gave to Captain Stacy towards the end. The action sequences were better and Spidey utilizes much more of his webbing during fighting.

The rest, on the other hand, felt apart. Dr Curt Connors was never a strong enough advisory for Spidey. The CGI version of the lizard really paled compared to Sam Raimi’s Green Globins and Dr Octopus. Here’s the thing, it is never a good idea to use CGI to create the villain, the Dark Knight trilogy highlighted the importance of using actors for their villainous performance, from the Joker to the upcoming Bane. Adding to the non-too realistic CGI Lizard effect made it a letdown. In addition, the Lizard felt like a rehash of earlier villains from Green Globins’ split personality to Dr Oc genius scientist turned evil plot.

Pacing was another issue, certain parts felt rush (Spidey learning to use his powers, the creating of his costume) while others dragged too long (the love scenes) making one reviewer commented that it’s like watching Twilight with spider instead of vampire!

Another part I had issue was that Spidey’s cockiness was a stark differences to this movie Peter Parker’s brooding character; it’s as if Peter is the one with the split personality.

Lastly Oscop building had the worse security ever for a high tech office, anyone could walked in, claimed a badge and accessed top secret area."

If you have already watched the movie, do share with us your comment/review here too!

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