Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guest Review : Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

By now, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter might have already ended its run in many countries but it is never too late to give a review (especially from a guest). If you have not watched the movie, this will comes in handy as an additional resources for you to decide whether to get it in DVD/Bluray later.

Though Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter did not create an instant success in the box offices and no way near an instant classic for the vampire genre but it is still a worthwhile visual treats.

If you are interested to check out the original novel instead, click on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

This is the second guest review from Ben :

WARNING: Spoiler ahead!

"Question Time: With the amount of resources and a lead actor (Benjamin Walker) that bears strong resemblance to the late Abraham Lincoln, what if they had made a proper historical movie of his life instead of him waving axes and chopping vampires?

To enjoy this movie, one really had to cast aside Abraham Lincoln was a USA president, that he was a olden day Blade (the other vampire killer) The action sequences were well done, especially the horses back fight and the finale train scenes. The slo-mo action plus the blood splatter (no doubt to justify the 3D price tickets) were used to the max but still enjoyable.

After watching the show, I kinda wondered, vampires had to be the dumbest, with all the stealth plus the ability to turn invisible, they had a tendency to charge straight out at their enemies. Also Abraham Lincoln's ability fluctuates greatly in the movie - certain part he was easily defeated, the next turn he could do amazing stunts.


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