Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Hot Trailers You Don't Want To Miss (#6)

Here come the fifth post of the new hot trailers for the upcoming 3D/IMAX movies. 

In this post, all of them are animation, one sequel (Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift) and one brand new animation (Wreck-It Ralph). 


1. Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift [Jul 2012]:
The fourth installment of the famous animation franchise. Get ready for an uncontrollable laugh! 

2. Wreck-It Ralph [Nov 2012]:
If you are an avid gamer, can you imagine what would happen if one day all the villains in the games gone missing? Who will you fighting against? Or what if the villain from one game hop to another game and vice versa? This upcoming animation will show you what happen if such scenario happen!


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