Friday, 29 June 2012

New Hot Trailers Not To Be Missed (#8) - Total Recall (2012), Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie

Here come the latest hot trailers for the upcoming 3D/IMAX movies. 

In this post, all of them are reboot or sequel (Total Recall Aug 2012 - by Colin Farell], Resident Evil - Retribution [Sequel - Sep 2012] and Monsters University [Sequel - 2013])


1. Total Recall - Trailer 2 [Aug 2012]:
Yet another reboot! Some title with the 1990's version (by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone). Basing on the trailer, except for the movie title and the similar machine used to "recall" (or "reset") the memories, there seems to be no link between the 1990 and 2012 version. 

total recall, movie, colin farell

2. Hotel Transylvania - Trailer 2 [Sep 2012]:
An animation about dracula and monsters (voiced by Adam Sandler).

hotel transylvania, animation

3. Frankenweenie - Trailer 2 [Oct 2012]:
An animation in black and white by visionary director, Tim Burton. It is about doing a frankenstein on a dog! Go figure...
frankenweenie, animation


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