Friday, 2 March 2012

New Hot Trailers You Don't Want To Miss (#2)

Here come the second post of the new hot trailers for the upcoming 3D movies. Nowadays, the trailers are getting more and more attractive and with high luring power. It is definitely a powerful marketing approach in the film industry. It goes hand in hand with the beautiful movie posters. 

In this post, there are 2 brand new movies (Brave and Battleship), a sequel (Wrath Of The Titans) and a "consolidation" movie (The Avengers, which is a combi from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Incredible Hulk). 


1. The Avengers (May 2012) :

2. Brave - animation (Jun 2012):

3. Battleship (Apr 2012):

4. Wrath Of The Titans (Mar 2012):


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