Tuesday, 6 March 2012

IMAX Theatre In Singapore

As per my earlier post on What's Next After 3D Movie Experience? The next best thing in movie experience is IMAX (even better if it's 3D in IMAX). Today, I am going to share a bit more of the one and only IMAX Theatre in Singapore: Shaw Theatres Lido IMAX.

I've been to the IMAX theatre a couple of times and the experience is UN-BEATABLE! You can really sense the different from the non-IMAX theatre. I consider it as an ultimate and wholesome movie experience. Thus, it is a premium worth paying for.

Following are some tech spec of IMAX extracted from Show Theatres' website:
Virtually all aspects of IMAX®’S digital theatre system have been customized specifically to deliver The IMAX® Experience. The integrated suite of proprietary IMAX ® technologies with dual digital projectors, laser-aligned digital surround sound and IMAX®’s patented theatre geometry are to deliver the world’s most immersive movie experience.

IMAX ® theatres’ are specially designed where the seating decks are steeply raked. Unobstructed panoramic views place audiences right in the on-screen action. A large effective screen width is achieved by bringing the screen closer to the audience. IMAX ®’s customized, patented theatre geometry provides and immersive experience equal to 20-230% increased screen area.

In IMAX ® 3D, images literally jump off the screen and into your lap!
IMAX Experience
IMAX Project that made the difference!

The Price structure (in Singapore Dollars) [click to enlarge]:

The Location of Shaw Theatres Lido IMAX:

If you happen to visit Singapore and like movies (I assume you do since you are dropping by my movie blog ;-)), do check it out and enjoy a great movie experience. Also, feel free to share your IMAX experience in your home country here.



  1. The Imax in Singapore are the movies projected on film or digitally? In digital Imax theaters the screens are more rectangular, so the scenes shot in the larger format will expand only 21 percent more.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. If I am not wrong, Singapore's IMAX is on digital.

      Check out the following for more details: https://www.shaw.sg/imax/about.htm