Friday, 17 February 2012

SPECIAL: What If I am John Carter?

I was pretty much rendered speechless when first saw the official trailers of "John Carter", the forthcoming big budget blockbuster movie to be released in IMAX 3D. It strikes me as "Star Wars" meet "Avatar" ! The special effects and fighting sequence are just pure AWESOME! 

This set me thinking of one silly question, "What if I am John Carter?". In the movie, the main character, John Carter, was stranded in an alienated planet (Mars), he need to fight for his life against the bad and protect the good. Along the way, he make friends with strange creatures/species. So, what would I do if I am John Carter?

Being a humankind trying to promote positivity and happiness in the online community on earth, I believed I will bring along my strength of positivity to Mars and try to influence the species/creatures there (assuming I can communicate with them) for unity. There would be NO war, NO races, NO inequalities... PEACE and HAPPINESS will be the new motto in Mars!

What about you? What if YOU are John Carter? Feel free to share your most imaginative idea here. 


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