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Guest Review - Big Hero 6 (Nov 2014)

Big Hero 6
My friend, Ben is back with his movie review. Today, he is reviewing the cutest and hottest movie at the moment, Big Hero 6.

This comic adaptation was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It has all the required element to be a successful and entertaining animation (last year, we have the animation of the year, Frozen and this year, we have Big Hero 6). 

Now, check out how will Ben rates the movie below..

BH6 (Big Hero 6) is the first collaboration after Disney acquired Marvel comics, it was both a risky but otherwise no choice decision as most of the Marvel’s characters were either owned by other studios (think Spider-man and the entire X-men universe) and the remaining ones are currently under live-action movie productions by Marvel Studios. Even the obscure ones like Guardians of the Galaxy, which had just finished its commercially successful run, and the Inhumans, stated for future release, are taken, there is little choice of what Disney can dip their hands into without diluting the current Marvel movies universe or risk a law suit from the other studios.

Hence BH6 was chosen which even the usual comic’s readers will find the team unheard of. It is almost like scraping the barrels. Even so, 2 of the team’s iconic members Silver Samurai and Sunspot had to be dropped from the roaster due to their affiliations to the X-Men universe, which belongs to Fox studio. But if anyone that can make this team work on the big screen, it will be the studio that popularized singing snow princess and her sister.

Storyline is the weakest link here; the flow was utterly predictable with the so-called twist expected miles ahead. (in fact during the last battle scene in the alternative universe, a kid was heard in the theatre saying “Baymax will be back later” See, you cannot even fool a kid nowdays) Despite the light hearted and bright coloured nature of the movie, BH6 tells of a bittersweet tale of how to accept the loss of a loved one. Both the protagonist and antagonist had to deal with passing of a family member and certain aspect both dealt with it similarly, turning into vengeance at one point. However glaring plot holes existed such as why would the villain picked such a manner to acquire Hiro’s microbot? He already had the access to Hiro’s research and could easily get a sample to mass produce.

Technically BH6 is beautiful, the characters’ animation and background rendering were simply superb. For once there are no annoying sidekicks or stereotyping characters that exist merely for comedic reliefs. Each character was likeable on his or her own, and finally we are spared of ill-conceived rushed romantic situations among the characters.

Of course, the star of the show is the loveable Baymax. Once again Disney has found a winning figure that’s both heartwarming and humorous at the same time. Am sure Baymax mascot will appear in Disneyland soon.

Overall, it is a decent Disney effort, not as epic as Toy Story, not as original as Wreck-It-Ralph, I will give it a 3 out of 5 stars and add another star just for the sake of Baymax. Do stay for the after credit scene which the creator uphold his tradition to appear in Marvel movies.

Have you seen Bay Max yet? What is your review? 


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