Sunday, 23 February 2014

This Is What We Get If We Mixed The Oscar Best Picture Nominated Films With Pixar Characters

Oscars Best Picture Nominated Films Pixarised
Oscars 2014 nomination has been released and next Sunday (2nd March 2014) will be the Oscars ceremony. This year, the Best Picture nominated films are intensely competitive and all films have chance to beat each other out. 

Recently, Todd Spence of has released a set of mash-up posters of the Best Picture Nominated Films with the famous Pixar characters. Before checking out the "double", following are the list of the nominated films :

American Hustler
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years A Salve
The Wolf Of Wall Street

Now, keep reading to find out which Pixar characters fit into the corresponding posters?


American Hustle - Original
American Hustler - Pixarised
Captain Phillips - Original
Captain Phillips - Pixarised
Dallas Buyers Club- Original
Dallas Buyers Club - Pixarised
Gravity - Original
Gravity - Pixarised
Her - Original
Her - Pixarised
Nebraska - Original
Nebraska - Pixarised
Philomena - Original
Philomena - Pixarised
12 Years A Slave - Original
12 Years A Slave - Pixarised
The Wolf Of Wall Street - original
The Wolf Of Wall Street - Pixarised
What do you think? Can you recognize all the Pixar characters above?


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