Friday, 13 December 2013

Edge Of Tomorrow - The Badass Trailer With Groundhog Day Concept

Edge Of Tomorrow
Yesterday, I just posted the movie poster and movie stills from Edge Of Tomorrow. Today, the very first trailer is already here! So, I can't wait to share it here again.

This upcoming sci-fi of Tom Cruise looks like a groundhog day movie set in the future, just imagine you live and die everyday repeatedly, but along the way, you learnt something new and try to make correction/improvement with every repeats. Of course this is not something new but the trailer do provide some kind of assurance that it would be a promising movie. To the minimal, it would be better than Tom Cruise's last sci-fi, Oblivion.

Edge Of Tomorrow will be released in cinemas on 6th June 2014, in 3D as well.

Now, enjoy the fresh trailer below:


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