Thursday, 15 November 2012

Skyfall - The Amazing Opening Credits [Video]

If you have already watched the 23rd James Bond movie, SKYFALL, I am sure you will be awed with the opening credits. In fact, the opening credits has been the tradition of all James Bond movies and it just provide an additional ohm to the entire movie.

What make the opening credits in Skyfall special are:

1. The credit literally start with the FALL of James Bond! However, do take note that this FALL has nothing to do with the movie title, Skyfall as the latter is actually the name of a place in Scotland (where James Bond was born).

2. The theme song, Skyfall is sang by the diva, Adele

I can watch this opening credits and listen to the theme song over and over and over again (just like I first chanced upon Gangnam Style MTV! ;-)).

Enjoy the opening credits here...again!

If you want to check out the guest review of Skyfall from my friend, Ben, check out the post here.


P/S: Skyfall is on its way to break the James Bond franchise's own record to become the most successful 007 movie in the history!

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